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DJ MX - Mihai


I am a DJ with over 10 years of experience at private events (wedding, christening, adulthood, cocktail party) and corporate events (product launches, conference sounds, corporate parties).

I have the ability to select and mix music in real time depending on the reaction of the guests on the dance floor.

I work with professional equipment: Mackie, Apple, American DJ, Shure, Sennheiser, FutureLight and Pioneer.


Why Dj MX?


* I mix quality music and more than that I do it live, that is, first I know my audience and depending on their reaction on the dance floor I select the best pieces calculated strategically so as to cover more musical genres. I also have certain musical mixes made in the studio, their purpose being to create an incendiary atmosphere.


* I take into account the musical preferences of the organizers and I will introduce them in the music program at the right time.


* I have MC qualities, so I present at the microphone all the important moments of the event.


* we have invested in state-of-the-art professional equipment, so that your event meets all expectations. The price of the packages reflects the quality of the equipment and the provision of DJ services.


My goal is to give any event an extra elegance, an incendiary, modern and innovative atmosphere.





























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