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DJ MX - Mihai


​          Why DJ MX?

  • My experience and passion as a DJ, accumulated over more than 10 years of activity, make me a reliable professional in organizing events.

  • The state-of-the-art sound system they provide ensures superior audio quality and a compact and modern visual impact.

  • My musical flexibility is one of my strengths as I am able to adapt to the diverse musical preferences of the guests. I will create a personalized playlist to suit the tastes of all participants. I have the ability to  mix live music depending on the audience's reaction on the dance floor.

  • I understand the importance of the confidentiality and privacy of your event. You will be guaranteed that I will not post or distribute video clips from your event without your express permission.















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There is nothing more magical than how easily music changes our inner state!

Want to have a great event?

Think positive, eliminate negativity and create the belief that everything will be fine.


Create the theme of the event after reflecting your own person and your life concept, don't sacrifice your time, money and peace just to impress people/guests. As everything is more natural, simplistic but also with a little modern nuance, the event will be a real success.


Choose your collaborators very well, the success of your event will largely depend on them. Don't look at them as "employees" but as friends who help you reach your goal through their experience and passion.  


Be flexible with your music preferences, enjoy the moment and accept that everyone is different and has different musical tastes. Choose a playlist that will please most guests.


Be grateful   for this moment in your life, smile and transmit good energy to your guests / friends, staff and collaborators;  you will notice that everything will go perfectly.


Mihai - DJ MX  

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